Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dog Town Massacre

Well when I was just a lad of 14 I found myself in an awkward position. My mother was in and out of relationships with men and women. Well when my mom came home drunk and stoned off her ass. She became a demon from hell she was yelling at me for no apparent reason. I never knew why she was with so many men and women. I think after her and my father got divorced she turned to drugs and abused alcohol. Well she came home again another night same thing as the night prior. Her girlfriend beat me in front of her she didn’t give a damn if I lived or died. So I started hating women from that night forward. So for then on I started torturing animals to get the sensation of beating something up or killing it for my sensation I loved to take a life of something else. Then I got bored of that and moved to bigger things like dogs and any other animal that walked this planet. Well about 10 years later I could purchase touchier tools for myself to use on these animals. Well I came home one evening and I had a bad day. I took one of my pets into my basement and started beating it over and over again oh how I loved to do this it makes me feel like a god to these useless creatures. The reason why I felt like a god to these useless creatures is I could decide there faits in the palm of my hand. The after I got done beating the dog I reached into my handy dandy box of touchier tools and picked up a saw oh how I loved this tool I slowly cutted into the flesh of the dogs leg. It makes me want to go farther than I ever did before. As I was sawing the dogs leg I could feel the dogs bone cracking a breaking oh how I loved it. Then they do started to yelp that made me want to do it even more.

The next morning I awoke in my basement blood everywhere “damn” I said aloud to myself. I had one hell of a night. As I got dressed for work I started to walk down my stairs and I thought to myself I should stalk on actual humans because the animals wasn’t cutting out to my enthusiasm anymore. So as I went to work I was wondering to myself how I am going to pull this off. As I pulled in to the parking lot of hyvee. It deigned on me I could ask women and men out for a date and as they warmed up to me I will take them into my touchier chamber and beat them then kill them.  “yes yes yes” I said aloud. No one else knew of my past and what I am doing right now so I could pull it off after all no one knew who I was or am. So I started out the day as a normal every day stacker it went very well. Then as it became night I started to kill. I remember my very first victim it was a young female with long blonde with great big blue eyes and about 26 years of age. I asked her for a drink after work well of course she said “yes” I said where you want to go. She said “the bar on 4th street” I said what time she said “8:00 clock sharp” I said “that fine by me and I’ll be there” we’ll as soon as 7:00 clock came around I took a shower and got dressed was ready around 7:45. I started up my car and drove to the bar. It was a awesome date so I took her to my place and I turned off the lights and sat down to watch a movie. Then as soon as I turned off the lights I snuck up behind her and started chocking her like she was an animal. Man that turned me on so quick. I knocked her out then drugged her down to my basement and started to pull my handy dandy sack of goodies. I waited till she woke back up. Then I took a pocket knife out and started to push it into her skin. This also turned me on. She was pleading to stop I said “no way” I finally punctured a needle size hole into her forearm. I slowly started to move the knife towards me. Blood squirting everywhere. As I got closer to the elbow I stated to slice around her arm and till it connected to the other side. As I put up the knife she was screaming bloody murder. Then I did the most horrifying thing that I never done before I slowly tore of the skin till I could see the bone and her veins. So as I got done with that she only had the bone of her arm there no skin or anything. Well as the night went on I raped her.

As the years went on I got the name of the DOG TOWN SERIAL MURDER. I killed over 1000 people male and female and I never got tired of it. It was so fun to have some bodies’ life in my hands I was their god. Well there were more murders going on. But I was the best one ever I could kill people and get away with it because I was the police chief. I was the best police chief the town ever had. But there was only on unsolved murders those were mine cause I traveled the world kill people put them in the back of my van and come back to the town that I lived in and Barry the bodies that I have brutally killed. The last of my escapee was a few years ago I was 69 years of age and I killed another male. It was so sweet how I did it I flirted with him and I brought him home with me. Attacked him and drugged him down to my lair of touchier. There I was face to face with the man I said “how do u want to die my beauty” he said nothing well as he started to talk I slowly penetrated his throat and sliced it all the way around and lifted up his skin and say his skull and veins and his eyeballs rolled out of his eye sockets. Then I raped him through his eye sockets. Then as I finished I said to myself I am done torchering people this is no fun to me anymore. As I walked outside with blood and juice of his eyeballs I carried to automatic machine guns as the cops pulled up I said “you’ll never take me alive you cock suckers” then I started to fire at them I killed over a hundred police men that day then as I got to hundred and one a cop said “ what have we done to you” I thought and said “nothing you filthy disgusting pigs” then I started to fire again the cops shot my guns out of my hands and they took me to jail and I’m here for life and I am on death row this is the last that you will ever here of me cause there taking me to the electrical chair tomorrow. But I got one last thing to say “I AM NOT SORRY FOR WHAT I DID THEY DESERVED EVERY THING THAT THEY GOT I AM SORRY THAT I GOT CAUGHT……………
                                                                                 THE END

it is not okay to repost My works without permission and especially not for monetary gain or corporate use.